Horncastle Plumbing offers a niche service to our Adelaide clients. Unlike others in the market, we offer and install a variety of bidet toilet seats for your bathroom.

If you’re used to the bidet, you might feel incomplete without one.

Our Adelaide Plumbers are expertly trained in the installation, repair and maintenance of bidet seats and can help you with all your bidet needs. We cover all metropolitan areas in Adelaide and will provide quotes for all services.

We can even source the seats for you from our trusted plumbing and bathroom ware providers, ensuring you get the best quality and longest lasting bidet seats in the Australian market.

If you are interested in personal hygiene or need assistance with your daily cleaning regime, a bidet seat could be perfect for your home. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of these systems.

As we’ve installed bidet seats before, we know when they can and can’t fit onto an existing toilet. Before we undertake any work, out plumbers will examine and measure your bathroom, to check whether a bidet seat will fit. If required we can assist with the removal of your old toilet and installation of your new bidet friendly toilet.

You will be surprised at how elegant bidet seats can look

Gone are the days of old, ugly bidet seats. Modern technology has revolutionised the bidet market and Horncastle Plumbing can assist you in finding and installing the latest discrete bidet seats for your home.

Contact us to book a quote and have peace of mind in knowing you bidet will be installed by an expert at Horncastle Plumbing.