Don’t let broken stormwater pipes cause problems in your home. Blockages in your stormwater pipes means water won’t drain properly, which can cause flooding in your gutters, roof & ceiling. Mix water with electrical wiring and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Luckily there’s a simple solution…give Horncastle Plumbing a call.

Let us climb the ladders to repair and replace old stormwater and rainwater pipes.  While we’re up there, we can unblock drains too, so your rain/storm water pipes flow like new again.

Have you considered collecting rainwater?

If you want to collect more rainwater instead of letting it flow down the gutter, you will need a rainwater tank. We can help you install new tanks, or repair and fix existing tanks and stormwater pipes so you can collect more of nature’s greatest resource.

Rainwater tanks can be a godsend in the hot summer months, allowing you to keep the lawns and garden looking green and lush.  They can also reduce your water consumption which means lower water bills.

Growing up in Adelaide, our qualified local plumbers value the scarcity of water, and know it doesn’t always rain. We will help you maximise the amount of water you can collect so in dryer times you aren’t left high and dry!

Why not give Horncastle Plumbing a call for a no obligations quote?