Have you got a Plumbing Emergency?

Inevitably, over time the unexpected things do eventually happen. Reduced pressure in your water mains, blocked drains, no hot water and even gas leaks. Emergencies require immediate attention.

If it’s a real emergency, Horncastle plumbing will be there on time, to get the problem fixed quickly and professionally!

Our Adelaide based plumbers are on call 24/7 in case of all plumbing emergencies and are ready to speak to you now, to see how they can help out. We service all areas of Adelaide and provide cost effective, reliable plumbing solutions, giving you peace of mind.

No Hot Water?

Don’t suffer through cold showers going into winter.

If your hot water unit stops working, Horncastle Plumbing can replace it straight away, so you and the family can get that nice hot shower before work or school.

We are Adelaide’s hot water specialists, and can offer you the latest in efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly hot water units. Don’t rely on storage tanks! Get instantaneous hot water and the touch of your fingers now.

Burst Pipes?

If a pressured pipe bursts, it can leak endless litres of water, leaving you with one giant mess to clean up. Even worse, if that pipe is under the foundations of your home – or in your walls – it can have a much larger lasting damage which will cost you and your family thousands in unanticipated bills and invoices.

Let us find the leak and get it fixed quickly. Countless hours of plumbing experience has taught us valuable lessons in finding water leaks and getting them stopped. Don’t let a small problem turn into a big one. Get one of our qualified Adelaide based Plumbers to solve the problem fast.

We are on call 24/7 and will fix your plumbing emergency!