When your hot water service stops, it feels like the world does too. Us Australians have gotten accustomed to our morning showers, and won’t give them up lightly!

Luckily, Horncastle Plumbing understands your worries and is ready and on call to help you now. We can assist you with all Hot Water Repairs and will always examine your existing unit first, to see if we can repair it quickly and in a cost effective manner.

You don’t always need a new hot water service!

Sometimes it’s simply a worn part that can be replaced; other times it’s a gas or electric problem.  Whatever it is, we are able to assist, and have the parts and tools required to get the job done right!

Horncastle Plumbing understands that hot water units can be temperamental, and we have some neat tricks up our sleeves to get those older hot water unit flowing again.

When the worst happens, we are by your side

The time comes when all old hot water units move on to a better place. If you have an older hot water system that can’t be repaired, Horncastle Plumbing offer a wide range of new units ready to install, to get your family the hot water it needs.

From the most water efficient to the best flow, we will replace your old broken unit with a smart new model, increasing hot water flow and longevity.

You can save in the longer term too!

Often older hot water units are inefficient and cost you money. Whether its increased gas or electricity bills, the squeeze gets tighter when your appliances are faulty.

By installing a modern Hot Water System, you will save in reduced bills and reduce water wastage and know that you’re making less of an impact on the environment.