Anywhere we go in Adelaide we see the same problems. Thanks to our leafy green streets and an abundance of natural trees, many South Australians notice their stormwater downpipes are blocked and clogged with organic matter.

Don’t risk climbing a flimsy ladder to try and fix the problem without the required tools. Our highly qualified plumbers will use their expertise to safely and permanently unblock your stormwater drains.

We also unblock sumps where large amounts of stormwater collect. Stop worrying about flooding and start focusing on what you do best.

Horncastle Plumbing knows stormwater back to front. We have access to tools and products that can naturally clear your drains without the need for harsh chemicals, which would otherwise flow into our gutters, ending in the ocean.

Let us do the work

If you are getting older or not as physically capable as you used to be, a trip up a ladder could be a one way ticket to the hospital.

Don’t risk your personal health and safety by attempting to fix something you shouldn’t be. We will safely and effectively clean your downpipes, leaving them flowing like new.

Summertime can pose fire risks

If you are one of the many people in Adelaide that lives in a bushfire risk area, its especially important to get your stormwater and gutters cleaned regularly.

A gutter and pipes full of dried leaves can be a tinderbox for spreading fire and could leave your home in serious jeopardy. If you clean your roof and drains before fire season, you can sleep soundly in knowing you have put your safety first.

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