Leaking gas pipework is both dangerous and costly. The leaks can put you and your family in harm’s way and will send your gas bills soaring.

If you need to get your pipes replaced, use a professional qualified plumber.

Horncastle Plumbing will work to ensure any leak, be it gas or water, is fixed properly before the pipe is reburied.

‘With gas, it pays to do it right’

Our Adelaide Plumbers make sure the job is complete and 100% gas leak free before they leave.

We test gas leaks both before and after a job, which means you can have peace of mind as we wave goodbye.

Gas pipework is heavily regulated in Australia, and rightly so. It’s too risky to get it wrong and not worth the dire consequences. We ensure all our Plumbers are up to date with the latest building and plumbing regulations, so when new legislation comes into force, we are already abiding by it.

Use one of our highly qualified plumbers to fix your gas pipework.

We use the latest technology in gas leaks, which allows us to fix problems that can’t be done with old school techniques.

Sometimes a welding machine can’t be used in a tight space, and that’s where our special gas fitting equipment and fittings come into play. Guaranteed and backed by warranty, we have confidence in our workmanship and products, which have lasted the test of time for countless satisfied customers.

We can repair old gas pipework, or if needed replace it with brand new pipes, providing you with years of peace of mind and comfort. Why not give us a call for a no obligations quote, and see how we can assist with your gas pipework needs.