If your home is a bit older, there’s a strong chance you have a storage hot water unit. These systems can be ideal for those with smaller consumption needs, as the hot water available is limited to the size of the storage tank.

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Repairs and installation, no problems!

Sometimes you don’t need a brand new gas hot water storage unit and simply want your current system serviced. If that’s the case, no problems! Our Adelaide based plumbers will service and repair all existing storage units, and can work to improve their performance and flow. This can save you money when things are tight, and down the track you know who to call when it’s time for a new unit.

Gas installation and maintenance is a serious business. Don’t risk it with an unlicensed tradesperson! Use a fully qualified plumber and gas fitter and avoid dangerous gas leaks and explosions. Horncastle Plumbing tests all hot water units before and after installation and repair, to ensure that all gas lines are properly sealed, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Save money with gas

Are you electricity bills soaring? If you are running heaters all winter, the additional consumption of electric powered hot water can send your bills further north than the Strzelecki Desert.

We have extensive experience in running gas from the gas meter to your home, which means over time you can reduce your electricity usage and have greater control over your hot water temperature.

When the time comes

If your existing gas storage unit stops flowing hot water, there is a chance it may need a replacement hot water system. If this is the case, we can quickly and efficiently replace your broken unit with another storage unit, or can even look at more efficient, continuous and instantaneous flow hot water units, to provide you with a steady supply of unlimited hot water.

If converting from an electric hot water system to a gas hot water service, we currently have access to a rebate scheme which can get you up to $1000 cash back.

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