Heat pump hot water units are an efficient type of storage hot water unit where heat is extracted from the air, water or the earth. The most common type of units we deal with is air heated units.

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Heat pump units run on electricity, like the electric storage unit, but can be up to 3x times more efficient than a standard electric hot water system. They can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions for those who are more environmentally conscious.

Just like your fridge, but in reverse.

Your fridge pumps hot air out to keep the food and drinks inside nice and cool. Your heat pump hot water unit effectively does the same, but instead it pumps hot air in.

There are times when a standard hot water unit does not work and this is where a heat pump hot water unit can be effective and necessary.

Let Horncastle Plumbing work with you to determine which type of unit works best!

If you have limited access to space, or don’t have roof space for solar, a heat pump unit could be for you.

This type of heating solution is also ideal for those with no access to mains gas.

It’s important to know your surroundings

If you live in a part of Adelaide that gets extremely cold during the winter then a heat pump unit might not work for you, as the system works better in warmer climates.

Additionally, you must consider where you place the unit. Heat pumps make a humming sound (like your air conditioner) and have the potential to upset neighbours or your own sleep!

Let Horncastle Plumbing provide you with quality insight into your hot water needs and know that the job was done right, after considering all the circumstances.