Besides the emissions generated by your car, heating water is the second biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. If that is cause for concern, give Horncastle Plumbing a call to discuss the wide range of solar hot water solutions available to you..

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Adelaide has plenty of sun to go around

If like us, you were born and raised in Adelaide, you would be well aware of how much hot summer sun our growing town gets. We are bombarded with UV rays for more than 9 months a year, and unlike the eastern seaboard, Adelaide even has lots of sun in the autumn & winter.

If you want to make the most of this abundant natural resource, why not look into solar hot water? There are even subsidies available from the Government to make this an even more attractive option for your hot water needs.

Our Adelaide Plumbers are licensed to provide and install solar hot water to your home or business. We use the latest technology units to maximise efficiency, providing you and your family the hot water it needs, all year round!

How much solar do I need?

A standard home generally needs about four square metres of solar (approx. 2x panels) and a 300 to 350 litre storage tank to meet their daily hot water needs. The larger tank supplies your home with hot water even when the sun isn’t shining as brightly as usual.

We can work with you to determine your ideal solar hot water solution, based on your individual needs. Our plumbers are hot water experts with a passion for the environment and will make sure everything is explained to you in clear terms before you make the jump to solar.

Pays itself off in the long run

See how a solar system can save you money in the long term by calling Horncastle Plumbing for a no obligations quote.