Backflow Testing Adelaide

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Backflow Testing Adelaide

What can cause backflow?

‘When water pressure is reduced in the mains water line’

SA Water supply mains water to your property at a certain pressure to make the water usable. If this pressure is not maintained, there is a chance that water could be drawn back into Adelaide’s water supply system.

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Water pressure can be affected when:

  • There is a break or burst in the mains water supply
  • Water is being pumped at a large capacity by fire crews during a fire
  • A customer is using water at a higher pressure than the pressure supplied by SA Water
  • Excessive or heavy water use on site reduces water pressure within SA Water’s supply network

When a contaminated source can enter the mains drinking water through cross contamination

There is a major risk to the public’s health if contaminated water enters the potable water supply. If there is a pressure drop from the mains water supply line, a vacuum can be created causing reversal or syphonage in the water supply line and contaminates entering the mains water.

A few examples of times when cross contamination can happen include:

  • A garden hose being left in a swimming pool full of chlorine and chemicals.
  • A blocked toilet pan in conjunction with a bidet toilet seat or douche spray.
  • Irrigation systems with chemicals.
  • Cafe or commerical kitchens with pre rinse dishwashing systems.
  • Factories or warehouses using chemicals during production.
  • A garden hose used to clean out a grease arrestor.
  • Pipework crossover with recycled water systems.
  • Rainwater tank water entering the mains supply due to DIY or dodgy plumbing connections of rainwater tanks to mains water supply.
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What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

A backflow prevention device prevents the reverse water flow from a potentially polluted source into the drinking water supply system. Backflow prevention devices must be installed on properties in compliance with AS/NZS 3500.1, the national plumbing standard.

Backflow Testing Adelaide

During certain plumbing installations, the Office of the Technical Regulator in South Australia requires a Back Flow Prevention Device to be installed. If the hazard has been determined as high or medium risk, the back flow prevention device MUST be a testable device and must be tested annually be a back flow accredited plumber. In compliance with clause 2.2 of AS 2845.3, the Office of the Technical Regulator specifies the test report format required in South Australia.

The Office of the Technical Regulator ‘Commission, inspection and maintenance report’ is the only form that will be accepted in South Australia. A completed report and a certificate of compliance (if applicable) must be sent to the Office of the Technical Regulator by the plumber within seven days of completing the work. The plumber installing, maintaining or commisioning this back flow prevention device MUST be a licensed plumber in South Australia and also must also be backflow accredited, which means theyhold the additional licensing requried.

Horncastle Plumbing are fully licensed, accredited and trained to perform all aspects of Backflow Device maintenance, commisioning and installation in South Australia. Horncastle Plumbings test guages and equipment are tested and calibrated and certified every 12 months in compliance with AS 2845.3. The licensed plumbers at Horncastle Plumbing know everything there is to know about backflow, please get in touch on 8271 0664 for expert advice today.

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