When pipes burst, it’s usually a big, wet mess. But there are times when a burst pipe ruptures underneath your concrete foundations, or in the front yard or in the wall. If a burst or leaking pipe is left unattended it can cause untold amounts of damage to your home or rental property.

Assess and Repair

Horncastle Plumbing has countless experience dealing with burst pipes and can quickly find leaks and stop them in their tracks. If needed we use special machines to dig and find the leak and won’t rest until it’s found.

There are times when a burst pipe is behind a wall or tiles. When this is the case, we will work diligently to minimise the damage, so it looks like we were never there. The mark of a good plumber is that you don’t notice the work they do behind the scenes.

Garden Dilemma?

If you have a burst pipe in your garden it may not seem like a priority to fix. However leaving a burst pipe unattended can mean thousands of litres of water are wasted, which costs you money and causes damage to the integrity of your home’s foundation.

Let us find and fix your burst pipe, leaving you to enjoy your garden in peace.

We can also assist with and repairs and installation of taps in your garden, so you can water the whole yard, or top up the swimming pool, or fill up the dog’s water bowl.

Call Horncastle Plumbing today and let us solve your burst pipe nightmares.