They’re something we use daily and are another tool we can’t live without; taps. When they become stuck or won’t stop dripping they can cause a lot of headaches and even lost sleep.

Our Plumbers can assist you with all tap repairs, servicing and replacement.

Often a seized tap is easy to fix. We use our special tools to easily take apart and repair your tapware, leaving it in the same condition as before we arrived. Don’t damage your taps with old tools that aren’t designed for the job, use a Horncastle Plumbing tap specialist to get your taps working like new again.

We only use the best parts, which are guaranteed to last the test of time and wear.

Time for new taps?

If your taps have worn out or aren’t sealing anymore it may be time to upgrade to a new set.

Horncastle Plumbing offer a wide variety of high quality taps – from ceramic disc and quarter turn to standard jumper valve tapware. New tapware will rejuvenate a tired looking bathroom and could even save you money with lower water bills.

We even stock options on hand in our vans, so you can see the product before you agree to install.

You will notice the difference in quality between our high quality tapware and those you pick up from the hardware store. Our taps are sourced because they last, and have warranties to back it up.

If you do the job right the first time, you won’t have to keep fixing it over and over.