Horncastle Plumbing service and supply all types of toilets and cisterns and can help you with a broken or leaking system.

When we arrive on site our qualified plumbers will quickly and professionally check, fix and put back together your broken toilet or cistern.

We stock most parts from a majority of toilet and lavatory suppliers; so let us fix that issue instead of driving all over town looking for a part you’re not quite sure are or aren’t the cause of the problem.

Is it time for a New Look?

If you are renovating or ‘glamming up’ your bathroom, you don’t want an old tired looking toilet bringing down the room. Give your bathroom a modern, clean look with a professionally installed toilet and cistern.

Our wide selection of bathroom appliances and accessories can be delivered to your home and installed with pride and care by one of our Adelaide based toilet install specialists.

What separates an ‘average’ bathroom from an ‘above average’ bathroom is the quality of the finish. Just like how you would want a tiler to be neat and tidy with their grouting, it’s no different when it comes to installing new toilet and cistern.

Get it done right and make sure the finish is perfect with Horncastle Plumbing