Finding a reliable and honest gas fitter in Adelaide can be difficult. Quotes are often wildly different depending on who you choose to engage with for your gas fitting services.

Horncastle Plumbing offers you peace of mind with our professional, cost effective and long lasting gas fitting services. We can assist you with all your gas needs:

  • Gas Pipework (to and from the meter)
  • Gas Barbecue installation
  • Gas Hot Water Units
  • Gas Leak Detection and Repairs
  • Gas Appliance fitting
  • LPG and Natural Gas

If you smell a gas leak, don’t hesitate and put your family and yourself at risk. Gas leaks can be dangerous, but if properly detected and stopped early, you can minimise the potential harm.

Don’t go it solo

If you have recently renovated your back yard or put in a new kitchen, don’t risk it and tackle the gas appliance installation alone. Let Horncastle Plumbing install your gas appliances safely, in accordance with the law. There are serious consequences if you get this wrong. Put your family and loves ones first by contacting a qualified, licensed gas fitter.

Gas Hot Water systems, realise the benefits!

If you haven’t had a shower with a continuous flow hot water unit, you don’t know what you’re missing. Forget the days of having to monitor your hot water usage and ensure you and your family can all shower in peace with a continuous flow unit.

Unlike storage units, a continuous flow hot water system creates a never-ending supply of reliable hot water, as the water is heated as it passes through the unit instead of after its stored. Continuous systems can also be more efficient and environmentally friendly, so why not upgrade and save in the future?

If converting from an electric hot water system, we also have access to a rebate scheme when making the switch to gas. Up to $1100 can be refunded if you choose gas!

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