Blocked Drains

Common Causes of Blocked Drains Adelaide

There are different reasons for plumbing problems to occur and we fully understand it can be a complete nightmare. From DIY repair jobs gone wrong, plumbing fixture issues, structural issues to grease buildup and physical objects being stuck down the drains, we have seen and tackled all causes of clogged drains.  Some most common reasons for blocked drains in Adelaide that we have encountered in our years of plumbing experience are: 

  • Fats, oils and grease
  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes
  • Sanitary products and wrappers
  • Bandages
  • Razor blades
  • Dental floss
  • Cotton buds
  • Hair
  • Excess toilet paper
  • Tree roots 
  • Flushing of solid materials

Or if you’ve got something stuck in your drain, that shouldn’t be there, please don’t be embarrassed.  Give Horncastle Plumbing a call on 8271 0664 or book online for 24×7 Adelaide plumbing service and we’ll come and clear it out for you.


Signs Your Drains Need a Good Cleaning

  • Gurgling sound from your sinks in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry 
  • Overflowing kitchen sink
  • Slow draining water in shower, sink or toilet 
  • Toilet water backing up
  • Foul odour especially around the bathroom, toilet and kitchen sink

Paying attention to any of these signs and taking timely action will save you lots of headaches and unnecessary expenses.


Quick Guide to Clearing Drains on Your Own – With Caution!

Experienced plumbers won’t recommend using harsh chemical drain cleaners in your toilet, kitchen or bathroom drains and pipes. Chemicals found in supermarket or hardware store should be used sparingly and with caution. If used improperly, harsh products can damage the ceramic in toilet bowls and regular use can corrode pipes over time. More importantly, harsh chemicals in drain cleaners are very damaging to our environment and waterways.

They are often very bad for you to breathe in and cause nasty chemical burns if it comes in contact with skin. We advise full safety precaution like working in a well-ventilated area; wearing long sleeves, rubber gloves and eye protection to protect your skin and eyes at all times when working with chemicals.

Using a chemical drain cleaner for a one-off slow draining shower or sink can be considered, however, if the blockage or slow pipes issue reoccurs repeatedly, call your local trusted plumber for professional inspection, advice and drain clearing.

Boiling hot water – Hot water works for blockages caused by grease buildup. Pour boiling hot water several times down the kitchen sink if you have to. 

Soda bicarbonate and vinegar – easily available and cost effective, white vinegar and baking soda are a natural drain cleaner.  Let it sit in your drain for at least 30 minutes or leave it overnight to work on the accumulated debris in the kitchen or bathroom sink. Then, wash through with boiling water.

A plunger – Plungers can be used in kitchen, bathroom or toilets and can solve not-so-serious blockages in the household. Don’t forget to cover yourself up well before beginning the job. 

Know When to Call a Specialist to Remedy the Issue 

Whether your kitchen sink is blocked, or the bathroom drains or the toilet is clogged, you can trust us to do the job right, the first time. Horncastle Plumbing team is able to restore proper functioning of your drains by use of the latest plumbing technology, saving you time and money. We are your local plumbing specialists who can troubleshoot any blocked drain Adelaide issue with most suitable drain clearing and cleaning methods.

Our Adelaide based blocked drain plumbers use the best in technology to restore proper functioning of drains. We are available anytime of the day or night for emergency drain clearing using our tried and tested successful methods:

  • Latest Hydrojet drain cleaning Adelaide – use of high-pressure water jet machines to clear out sewer and stormwater blockages
  • Special CCTV drain cameras to make sure we get to the root of the problem quickly

We are available 24×7 and our top-rated blocked drain Adelaide service starts from $99. We can help you with: 

  • Drain Unclogging
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Drain Repair
  • Drain Inspection
  • Drain Water Back Ups

Horncastle Plumbing will clear away years of accumulated grease, tree roots, any foreign material, hair, toilet paper and other blockages safely and easily, leaving your blocked drains cleaner than they have been in years!